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(c) 1999-Joel Johnson

Making the decision to start your own business can be a heart wrenching thing.  Especially if you have never made that plunge before.  There are many question to be answered before you invest your life savings in a business that may or may not make it.  Develop a business plan that will answer the questions and move you to success in your business venture.

Questions like...


"Will I earn enough income from the business to support myself and my family?"  


"How can I know for sure, before I start?"  


"I have big dreams! How will I know if this idea will work?"


"How should I develop my marketing ideas?"  


"How does one project sales if the business does not exist yet?"  


"How does one determine the amount of money needed to start the business?"  


"Where will I get the money necessary to start the business in the right way?"  


"How about licenses, permits, taxes, state, county and city regulations?"


"Where can I get answers to my questions?"  

No doubt these questions and many more are going through your mind right now.

There are many views on how to come to the right decision to go into business.  The most important thing is that you believe strongly in your idea and your ability to reach whatever goals are necessary to achieve your dream.  If you lack this confidence, you will most likely experience some very difficult times.  You will have enough of those anyway, so why start with less than an honest belief in what you dream of doing.  By having personal confidence you will have less difficulty in obtaining the knowledge, experience and capital necessary to get the right start.

The only reason you and I should consider going into business for ourselves is to earn a profit and for personal freedom.  There is no sin in earning a profit in business.  There is no shame in earning a huge profit in business.  That is what the free enterprise system is all about...profit...freedom.  

If you are not currently in business for yourself, you are not participating in the "Free Enterprise System", you are a participant of the system.  You have the right to vote, but if you don't use it, you might as well not have the right.  People in totalitarian systems have jobs, even though they may not have the freedom to choose that job.  Most likely however, they do not have the right to own their own business and you do.  You have the right to choose what the outcome of your life will be.

Click on Ask The Question and find your answers.

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