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When obtaining a business loan submitting certain financial documents will be required.  Attaching the right documents to your business plan can speed up the loan process dramatically. 


When preparing your business plan, you will need to include the following documents:


  1. Last 3 years Income Tax Returns (Personal).

  2. Personal current Income statement.

  3. Personal current Balance Sheet.

  4. Last 3 years Income Tax Returns (For current business).

  5. Year ending Balance Sheets for past 2 years (For current business).

  6. Last 2 years Income Statements (For current business).

  7. Cash flow projections (3 years Min.).

  8. Performa Income Statement.

  9. Performa Balance Sheet.

  10. Projected start-up expenses and project cost.

  11. All bids from actual contractors and suppliers pertaining to construction, remodeling, etc.

  12. Copy of all licenses and permits, if active business.

  13. Business plan narrative.


  1. All of the above +

  2. Copy of Partnership agreements.

  3. Partners equity position in dollars and as a percentage of total company equity.


  1. All of the above +

  2. Copy of all agreements, charters, bylaws and registrations.

  3. Names, addresses, City, State, Zip, phone.

  4. Ownership.


  1. All of the above +

  2. Corporate Name, address, City, State zip and phone.

  3. Corporate charter and bylaws.

  4. Type of Corporation and the state where the corporation was formed.

  5. Ownership (List all owners Names, addresses, City, State, Zip, phone and amount of equity owned in dollars, shares, and percentage).

  6. Taxed as Corp. or partnership (S-Corp election).


  1. Same as above

  2. Be sure all documentation and registrations for existing businesses are included in the appendix of your business plan.